The beginning(ish) …

First of all, the Northern Notorious team would like to thank everybody that has done anything for us so far. Everyone from the car show organisers to the car owners, the Instagram photographers that have sent us new material to anybody that has liked our material on Instagram and anybody in between!

We originally started the Instagram for the sole purpose of sharing photos of cars we have seen at  car shows that we attended out of love for cars. We all love cars so why should some get to see and others shouldn’t? Although we are nowhere near the largest car community on Instagram, and we don’t get loads of likes on our posts we  have received  endless amounts of love from our current followers. s3 saloon

We recently requested photographs from anyone wiling to share them with us as we did not have enough material to get us through the winter and the off season without a long break which we did not want to do if avoidable. We received more help than we expected and were able to continue to post fairly regularly due to this support! We then thought why not give even more material in the form of a website with blog posts and galleries of shows? So this is the result… a page we have created with little/no experience of website building or blogging. We plan to blog fairly regularly from random chit chat to car news and more to give you more content!

We will be looking for enthusiastic up and coming bloggers that want to write guest posts in the near future so watch this space…

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