The resurrection of the cafe racer

Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 11.06.58
Kawasaki KZ400 – @kooltcreations (Instagram)

The Cafe Racer. Engineering brilliance from the youth of the English streets in the 50s and 60s. Young riders with only one goal. To go fast…

One of the goals of the riders was to hit “the ton” or 100 mph. This goal opened a new door in the motorcycle industry which many believe was the start of the super bikes we see today. Riders were modifying their bikes in order to get as much power and speed as possible out of slave bikes,  such as the Triumph Bonneville or the Honda CB’s. The look of the bikes was sleek and timeless, creating a recognisable look even today, with the minimalist features. Below indicates some of the the features a cafe racer will hold, shown on this Yamaha sr250.

Many of you that are interested in motorcycles have probably noticed over the last few years the cafe racer is beginning to make a come back, and its coming back with a vengeance and we love it! If you search the term “cafe racer” on any search engine, you will be bombarded with websites with instructions on how to go about restoring a slave bike to create one of these masterpieces with advice on the best bikes to start with and the necessary mods you should be doing to these. There is also a huge following on social media, particularly instagram around these bloody brilliant bikes which are showcasing some lovely home-made bikes.

Aside from the home-built bikes popping up everywhere there are more and more small companies willing to convert your slave bike into a cafe racer (obviously for a fee). There are more and more magazines solely devoted to the cafe racer being released and there are more and more people falling in love with them everyday.Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 11.07.40

In our opinion, it’s a bloody good job the style is coming back as it allows for a lot of differentiation in the motorcycle world, that of which you may not have previously seen with modern bikes. The resurrection does not look to be slowing down and we’re sure there’s plenty more to see.

We would also like to thank @kooltcreations on instagram for allowing us to use the images. We highly recommend you check out the page for more!

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