As many of you may have noticed, you are now able to get a subscription box for just about anything. From craft beers to healthy snacks, you’ll probably be amazed at the amount of companies doing subscription boxes. However,  BecauseRacecarBox have created the ultimate monthly subscription box for car fanatics. BecauseRacecarBox is a monthly subscription box of primarily detailing products however there are occasionally other car related products (as you’ll see later into this post).

After subscribing for 4/5 months now, I am thoroughly impressed by the products I have received and therefore decided to do a box opening.  Below are the treats June’s box had to offer…


GleemFreaks Magma Spray Polish

I haven’t yet had the chance to use this so unable to rate it, however the information card that comes in the box says “Magma is a super fast, super effective spray polish” . If I was to go off this it sounds like a brilliant product! Will wait to see in future my thoughts…


Pro D Car Spa NanoX Sealant

“NanoX Sealant is an easy to use spray sealant” – This I can judge as it was used as part of my cars wash today. I used it on a dry surface and simply sprayed onto the surface and spread it using a microfibre cloth. I then buffed it out using another cloth. It is simple to use and even a complete beginner would be able to use this. You are able to use the spray on Bothe wet and dry surfaces.


Chemical Guys Air Fresheners

This product I really dig! There were 4 scents available and were randomly put into boxes; new car smell, mango cello, American apple pie and vanilla bean fresh. The fragrance I received was ‘Mango Cello’ which is a combination of mango and lemon. The scent is really quite incredible, being strong but not overpowering giving your car a fruity smell yet not being too strong you’re unable to sit in it.


Clutch & Gas socks

“An ancient myth suggests  your car gains an extra 10bhp while wearing them”. Fair to say I’ll do just about anything for more power! On a serious note, the socks are high quality and a thick material. The thick material makes them very comfortable.


Additionally, a 300 GSM microfibre cloth was in this months box.

The boxes are available from BecauseRacecarBox for £16.99 per month or £19.99 for a one off box. The best bit… THEY SHIP WORLDWIDE!

Some of the brands that are used in the boxes include Chemical Guys, emojifresh and buff it. A full list is available on their website.

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