Week 4

Week 4 of jukebox! This week, 2 songs have been added to each playlist. Cruise https://open.spotify.com/user/northernnotorious/playlist/2HaAG5UUDdb4H4DJhoddOn?si=Bq8DeoDaQl6x_tkmC3S1Yg KOD - J Cole Levels - Avicii Racecar https://open.spotify.com/user/northernnotorious/playlist/33pKO2u1s2QuJ0xjQyfZdh?si=RJZDuxWoTHeSPbjRf4fYJA Into the fire - Asking Alexandria Castles in the sky - Ian Van Dahl

Week 3

Friday is upon us again so it's time for another week of Jukebox. In week 3 we have only put 3 songs into each playlist but we're sure you will still enjoy the additions! Racecar https://open.spotify.com/user/northernnotorious/playlist/2HaAG5UUDdb4H4DJhoddOn?si=Bq8DeoDaQl6x_tkmC3S1Yg Fall out boy - Dance, Dance Teriyaki Boys - Tokyo Drift Eminem - Insane   Cruise https://open.spotify.com/user/northernnotorious/playlist/33pKO2u1s2QuJ0xjQyfZdh?si=RJZDuxWoTHeSPbjRf4fYJA Future - Mask... Continue Reading →

Week 2

Week 2 of "Jukebox" is here! This week we have added 5 songs to both playlists, ready for your weekend antics! We are looking to create more playlists, if you have any playlists or songs you want to see get in touch via the contact section, Instagram DM or tweet us! Getting onto the additions,... Continue Reading →

Week 1

So the plan of this is to supply you, the readers, with songs we consider good driving songs. We will select songs every week and add them into playlists which will be based on different categories. You are however welcome to pick and choose songs to make your own playlists.  We plan on releasing these... Continue Reading →

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